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Frequently asked questions about the FLSO

Can anyone join the orchestra?
Anyone playing an instrument that is needed for a particular piece of music is welcome to join if the orchestra does not have enough current members to cover the position.  

How good do you have to be to join?
The orchestra plays a range of classical and pops music which is definately several steps above common High School orchestra levels.

How often do I need to practice?
The orchestra usually rehearses only 5 times for 2 hours for each concert.  Your ability will therefore determine how often you need to practice between rehearsals to feel comfortable participating in that piece of music.

Do I have to play for each concert once I join?
We like to keep a solid core of players as consistent as possible, but there is no requirement as long as you don't step out the last rehearsal or day of the concert... notwithstanding uncontrollable circumstances, of course!  Several players join us only for the Pops or only for the classical concerts or only for the Nutcracker.. 

How old do I have to be to join?
We encourage young musicians to join us.  We often have High school students play with the FLSO, and regularly see college students join.  

Where do you rehearse?
We are extremely grateful to the Red Jacket School District Music Department for allowing us to practice at the High School band room every Tuesday evening from 7 until 9 o'clock.

Does anyone ever get paid to play for the FLSO?
The general membership is all volunteer based.  The Conductor and Concert Master are paid positions as sub-contractors.  Occasionally, when there is a sudden shortfall of a player in a section, we need to hire "ringers", usually professional musicians who can sightread the piece or have played the music several times before.  

Do you charge admission to the performances?
The FLSO does  have regular expenses such as paying the Conductor and Concert Master, insurance, occasional music rentals, professional dues, programs and advertising.  So the FLSO does charge admission or requests donations for performances.  The summer performances are "hired out" so the FLSO gets paid a flat fee by the sponsoring organization.

Does the FLSO ever hire out to special functions like weddings or grand balls?
The whole orchestra has not done that, but we have some references for smaller ensembles that we can promote.

Do you ever have soloists play for you?
Indeed we have had some very talented musicians play for the FLSO.  Feel free to contact the Music Director with your proposal!

Are your performances accessible?
FLSO makes sure that all venues are fully accessible.  Support for the hearing impaired is also available at all sites.



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